A Balanced Glass 🍷 Rebecca Hopkins, Ep. 44

Can you have a healthy and balanced life with wine? Our guest today says yes!

Wine is plentiful in so many professional and personal situations and it can be challenging to navigate, especially if you feel like pulling back.

Rebecca Hopkins created A Balanced Glass, an online community of winegrowers, winemakers, cellar workers, winery management and ownership, folks in sales and marketing, PR, media, distribution, retail, restaurants, bars and tasting rooms. While it started as a forum for wine professionals, A Balanced Glass – ABG – quickly attracted wine lovers looking to create balance in their lives with wine. ABG is for everyone, where the community shares stories, successes and practical tips.

Beck and her team at A Balanced Glass offer support and suggestions to help you find your way on the path to a balanced life in wine, supporting your health and wellness goals. The community here is welcoming.

ABG’s motto: Wine in moderation, choose, care, share.

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