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Our Top Tips For Visiting Napa Valley on a Budget, Ep. 85

The number one thing people always ask us is, can you do wine country on a budget? With the Napa Valley wine experience becoming more and more expensive, with wine tastings regularly costing upwards of $10, can you visit this incredible wine mecca without blowing a small fortune in the process? We, the Marys, say yes! […]

White Wine is In! The World Wine Guys Say So, Ep. 84

Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen are here! Is it time to turn to white wine? Wine drinkers are now choosing white wine more than red! Our guests, Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, aka the World Wine Guys, are the perfect ambassadors for exploring the wide and delicious world of white wine. After all, their motto […]

Cork’s Comeback! Sustainability and Eliminating TCA Yay! With Amorim Cork, Ep. 82

Corks at Amorim Cork’s Mozelos, Portugal factory (Mary Orlin) We’ve become cork dorks! That’s right, while you may love the convenience and ease of screw caps, after today’s pod, you’ll never think about cork stoppers the same way. Sure, cork has been used for centuries to seal wine bottles, and, you may know it comes […]

Wine Words Matter – Meg Maker and A New Language for Wine – Ep. 81

Is there a better way to talk about wine? Does wine speak make your eyes roll or glaze over? One of the most intimidating things about wine isn’t about what’s in your glass – it’s the words used to describe it. Do tasting notes that allude to a pasture in Southern France, stewed plums or […]

A Family Wine Affair at Livermore Valley’s Omega Road Winery, Ep. 76

Here at Sip Sip Hooray! we are all about making wine approachable, sharing peeks behind the label of some of your favorite wines and helping you discover some new wines. For this episode the Marys are in Livermore Valley at Omega Road Winery. This is a winery and story we want you to know. Today […]

Rising out of the 2020 Wildfire Ashes – Big Basin Vineyards, Ep. 78

Three years have gone by since a devastating CZU Lightning Complex wildfire tore through California’s Santa Cruz Mountains in August 2020, destroying the home of Big Basin Vineyards winemaker Bradley Brown. The fire damaged his vineyard, but spared his winery, even though it was very close to the flames. Since that time, Bradley and Big […]

The Trending Thirst for Non-Alcoholic Wines with Studio Null Wines, Ep. 74

Welcome to Sober October. If you’re looking for good non-alcoholic wine, no matter the reason, this episode is your perfect pour. Call it sober curious, mindful or buzzless drinking, alcohol-free libations are growing in popularity and demand. Today’s non-alcoholic wines are getting better and better, thanks to new technologies and creators redefining what low and […]

A New Chapter for Carmel Valley’s Joyce Wine Co. with Russell Joyce, Ep. 69

Russell Joyce’s family landed in Monterey County, California, thanks to his father’s love of car racing and the nearby Laguna Seca Raceway. Ever since, Russell’s been in the driver’s seat of his family’s grape growing and winemaking endeavors at Joyce Wine Company, with a commitment to minimalist winemaking and working with organically grown grapes. Prior […]

MLB’s 1st Master Sommelier – And Your Wine ?s Answered! Evan Goldstein, Ep. 68

Summer is here, and we’re celebrating Americia’s pastime, baseball! When you get to the ballpark, you’re most likely eating hotdogs and drinking a cold beer. But our guest and friend of the pod, Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein, wants you to change up your game and try swirling and sipping a glass of wine instead. He’s […]

Wine, art, music and cannabis at Darcie Kent Estate Winery with Darcie Kent, Ep. 67

There’s a saying that wine is art in a glass. For 5th generation vintner Darcie Kent, that’s always been true. Darcie has helped shape the modern Livermore Valley, California wine scene through her wine, art and live music venue. For one, she’s championing Livermore Valley Grüner Veltliner. And, she’s working to bring in new folks […]

Wine and Music – DJ Soigné is in the house! Vocal Vineyards’ Ted Glennon, Ep. 66

Vineyards have voices. That’s how our guest today, Ted Glennon of Vocal Vineyards in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains, approaches winemaking. From DJing to wine, Ted’s career has been both vocal and vinous. Wearing his DJ Soigné hat, he spins up a playlist of cool tunes. Now he’s making cool wines. Ted combined his music passion […]

Gary Farrell Winery – Theresa Heredia, Ep. 65

Photo credit: Will Bucquoy If you’re a Chard and Pinot fan then you may know the name Gary Farrell. His namesake winery – Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery – in Sonoma’s Russian River Valley, became the go to for lovers of Burgundian, acid driven wines that reflect the character of the vineyard. And these are […]

Caprio Cellars – Dennis Murphy, Ep. 64

Photo credit: Drink In Nature Photography Give as you go. That’s the motto of our podcast guest, Dennis Murphy. As the founder and winemaker at Caprio Cellars in Washington’s Walla Walla Valley, Dennis proves that making great tasting wine and making a difference in the world go hand in hand. From building homes and communities […]

A Sustainable Wine Pioneer: Steve McIntyre, McIntyre Family Wines, Ep. 63

Steve McInytre of ⁠McIntyre Family Wines⁠ is truly the OG sustainable grape grower and winemaker of ⁠Monterey County’s⁠ ⁠Santa Lucia Highlands.⁠ Steve dreamed of being a rock star, but lucky for us – and the wine world – the wine bug bit. The Marys visit Steve at his Carmel tasting room, the McIntyre Tasting Studio, […]

Brazil’s Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi – Lucas Foppa, Ep. 62

Sip Sip Hooray! Podcast is in Brazil! The Marys were invited by ApexBrasil to be part of the first American wine journalists to formally tour Brazil’s major wine region in southern Brazil. On our visit to Tenuta Foppa & Ambrosi, we were charmed by Lucas Foppa and Ricardo Ambrosi, two high school friends who met […]

Sandar & Hem – Rob Bergstrom, Ep. 61

The Marys are back in the Santa Cruz Mountains! On this latest pod we sit down with Sandar & Hem winemaker and storyteller Rob Bergstrom.   Wine and history have always been intertwined for Sandar & Hem winemaker Rob Bergstrom. To him, every bottle tells a unique story about the place it is grown, as […]

Ian Brand, I. Brand & Family Wines, Ep. 60

When Ian Brand came on the Monterey County wine scene, his mission was to work with unsung vineyards and grape varieties. Why? He wants to ensure these special places and wines don’t stay in the shadows of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which are the varietals most identified with this California Central Coast wine growing region. […]

Santa Clara Valley Wine Auction and Guglielmo Winery with Gene Guglielmo, Ep. 59

Come meet us, the Marys, and sip Santa Clara Valley Wines with us! That’s right, Mary B and Mary O are hosting the VIP Sommelier Experience during the Santa Clara Valley Wine Auction on Saturday, March 25 at Guglielmo Winery in Morgan Hill, Calif. We’re super excited to support this fantastic and historic California wine […]

Brazilian Wine 101 with Mauricio Roloff, Ep. 58

We have a confession! The Marys had never sipped a Brazilian wine before ApexBrasil invited us to join a small group of wine journalists to tour the country’s main wine region.  The reaction from most of our friends and family — they make wine in Brazil? Oh yes, and as we discovered, it is darn […]

Folktale Winery & Vineyards – David Baird, Ep. 57

You could say that winemaker David Baird is living the dream at Folktale Winery & Vineyards in California’s Carmel Valley. They say every bottle has a story to tell, and behind the label, David coaxes those stories out of Folktale’s estate vineyards. If you don’t know the Folktale wine or haven’t visited the winery, you […]

The Magic of Mount Eden Vineyards – Jeffrey Patterson, Ep. 56

Getting to Mount Eden Vineyards in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains is an adventure! The drive is up a twisty mountain road with lots of hairpin turns and steep drop offs. A good portion of the road – at the topmost part – is unpaved. But then you arrive at the peak, 2000 feet above Silicon […]

The Wine Bible 3rd Edition is here! Karen MacNeil, Ep. 55

If you’ve ever picked up a wine book, there’s a good chance it’s The Wine Bible, by our guest Karen MacNeil. The Wine Bible is so popular that Karen just revised this 3rd edition, and it has surpassed the one million copies sold mark! But she didn’t want to call her book a wine bible. […]

Bernardus Winery, Carmel Valley – Ep. 54

Buckle up for the newest Sip Sip Hooray! podcast episode! When you think of wine in Carmel Valley, the first label that comes to mind is Bernardus. This Monterey County winery led the way in establishing the Carmel Valley AVA as a world class wine region. The Marys are excited to be back at Bernardus […]

Crushed by Brian Freedman: Wine and Climate Change – Ep. 53

Climate change is on eveyone’s mind, especially when it comes to the world’s grape growers and winemakers. Wildfires, drought, water scarcity, hail, floods, extreme weather, oh my! While there’s much reason for concern, our guest today says there is hope. It is not all gloom and doom, but we must be mindful. Let’s be clear, […]

Caraccioli Cellars – Scott Caraccioli, Ep. 52

We’re celebrating bubbles and California’s Santa Lucia Highlands in Monterey County on Sip Sip Hooray! with Scott Caraccioli of Caraccioli Cellars. Of course the holidays are sparkling wine season, but we believe bubbles are for year round — and yes, daily sipping 🥂 But there is much more to Caraccioli Cellars than sparkling wine! Scott […]

Alice Feiring – To Fall in Love Drink This, Ep. 51

Acclaimed wine writer Alice Feiring has been in love with wine for decades. She started her sensory training at very young age, sniffing everything along with her grandfather. Little could she have imagined then growing up to be the OG natural wine movement writer, or the person to take down the homogenous ”Parkerization” of wine, […]

Lepe Cellars – Miguel Lepe, Ep. 50

If you don’t know the wines of Lepe Cellars in Monterey County, you’re in for a treat! The Marys continue their Monterey County wine tour, where we met up with Miguel Lepe, founding winemaker of Lepe Cellars. Miguel is an up and coming winemaker, who, as the county’s first Mexican American winery owner, has a […]

Denis Hoey – Odonata Wines, Ep. 49

Creating opportunity. That’s how our guest, winemaker Denis Hoey, has been living his life. He pursued a dream of making wine, and now that he’s established his own winery, Odonata Wines in the Monterey County AVA, he’s dedicated to bringing others along in the wine industry. The Marys visit Denis at his Salinas Valley winery […]

The Iconic Iris Rideau, Rideau Vineyards, Ep. 48

The Marys have a new friend in wine! Join us for an engaging conversation with the woman who just doesn’t know how to stop! Sip Sip Hooray to that! Are you ready to meet the tour de force that is Iris Rideau? From a young age she always had the determination to make hers and […]

Heidi Scheid, Scheid Family Wines, Ep. 47

We are excited to introduce you to this wine dynamo! Heidi Scheid does it all, from transforming her family’s business as grape growers to winemakers, overseeing Scheid Family Wines business operations, developing new brands – including a low ABV wine – to raising a family and summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.  Whew! The Marys traveled […]

Philana Bouvier of Demeine Estates, Ep. 46

The Marys are thrilled to welcome a true wine dynamo and new friend to the pod! Meet Philana Bouvier. She’s the President of Napa Valley-based Demeine Estates, whose impressive portfolio includes Heitz Cellar, Burgess, Stony Hill, as well as international wineries Champagne Legras & Haas, Domaine de Montille, Racine, La Chablisienne, Ca Rome, and more […]

Mendo Blendo – Saracina Vineyards’ Alex MacGregor, Ep. 45

For this episode of Sip Sip Hooray! we are in Hopland in Mendocino County at the beautiful, picturesque winery, Saracina Vineyards. Tucked into the rolling hills, the mantra at this wine ranch is biodiversity and sustainability. Since its founding by John Fetzer and Patty Rock in 2001, Saracina has been on the leading edge of […]

A Balanced Glass 🍷 Rebecca Hopkins, Ep. 44

Can you have a healthy and balanced life with wine? Our guest today says yes! Wine is plentiful in so many professional and personal situations and it can be challenging to navigate, especially if you feel like pulling back. Rebecca Hopkins created A Balanced Glass, an online community of winegrowers, winemakers, cellar workers, winery management […]

Wrath Wines – Sabrine Rodems, Ep. 43

From behind the scenes of the theater and opera stage to behind the wine label, Sabrine Rodems gave up the bright lights of theater and film production for producing bold wines. Sabrine hones her craft daily at Wrath Wines in the picturesque Santa Lucia Highlands of California’s Monterey County. This region is known for world […]

Niki Wente of Wente Vineyards, Livermore Valley Ep. 42

Her family is California’s First Family of Chardonnay. Most Chardonnay vines planted in the state are from the Wente clone, developed in Livermore Valley at Wente Vineyards by Niki Wente’s family. So you can imagine Niki has big shoes to fill. But as a 5th generation winegrower, she’s stepping up to the challenge in her […]

The Kings of Napa – Janine Sherman Barrois, Ep. 41

Are you watching OWN’s The Kings of Napa? We are, and we’re loving the bingeworthy show about a powerful African-American family in Napa Valley with secrets and scandals that are juicier than the grapes! Joining us for this special Sip Sip Hooray episode is creator and showrunner Janine Sherman Barrois. She’s the award-winning writer and […]

Mark Pisoni, Pisoni Vineyards, Ep. 40

Meet Mark Pisoni. He’s a 3rd generation farmer and son of legendary winemaker Gary Pisoni of Pisoni Vineyards. While Gary is larger-than-life, Mark is quietly building his own legacy, as grape grower extraordinare, managing what some call Grand Cru vineyards in the Santa Lucia Highlands: Pisoni, Garys’ and Sobranes. For Mark, it all comes down […]

Winemaker Shalini Sekhar – Neely Wine and More! Ep. 39

We strike a harmonious cord in the wine world with this episode! Say hello to winemaker Shalini Sekhar. She wears many hats in her role as winemaker for Neely Wine in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Waits-Mast Family Cellars in Mendocino County, among others. She also finds time to make wine under her own label, […]

Carboniste Cali Sparkling Wine – Dan Person, Ep. 38

Why should California try to be Champagne? That’s the question Napa winemaker Jon Person posed to himself and his wife Jacqueline. When it comes to bubbly, Champagne‘s allure is clear. But thanks to folks like Dan and Jacqueline, there’s a new style of California bubbly. Think sunshine in a glass, and breaking all the traditional […]

Clos de la Tech Wines – T.J. Rodgers, Ep. 37

If you think tech and wine don’t go together, you haven’t met our guest, tech entrepreneur T.J. Rodgers.  We all know stories about tech world titans who buy – or launch – their own winery, which often becomes a vanity project.  But that’s not the case for T.J. Rodgers. The man who created Cypress Semiconductor […]