Alice Feiring – To Fall in Love Drink This, Ep. 51

Acclaimed wine writer Alice Feiring has been in love with wine for decades. She started her sensory training at very young age, sniffing everything along with her grandfather. Little could she have imagined then growing up to be the OG natural wine movement writer, or the person to take down the homogenous ”Parkerization” of wine, a style favored by one wine critic that changed the way many wines around the world were – and still are made.

Now Alice has released her sixth book, To Fall in Love Drink This: A Wine Writer’s Memoir. But as you’ll find out in her engaging chat with us, the Marys, Alice’s is not your typical wine memoir. Instead of touting the great vineyards she’s visited or wines she’s tasted, she recounts an escape from a serial killer – and her reconnection with the perpetrator, and she gives wine recommendations to a plumber, to help him fall in love.

You’ll want to get your hands on her book right away, and fair warning, it’s a page turner that you can’t put down.

Alice also writes a newsletter, The Feiring Line. To subscribe and for information about Alice and where to buy her book visit her website