The Wine Bible 3rd Edition is here! Karen MacNeil, Ep. 55

If you’ve ever picked up a wine book, there’s a good chance it’s The Wine Bible, by our guest Karen MacNeil. The Wine Bible is so popular that Karen just revised this 3rd edition, and it has surpassed the one million copies sold mark! But she didn’t want to call her book a wine bible. This is just one of the many behind the scenes stories Karen shares with the Marys, on this episode of Sip Sip Hooray!

Karen’s career has come a long way since she debuted The Wine Bible in 2001. Now she heads a multi-media wine empire, including a digital newsletter, live virtual wine tastings, leading classes, seminars and influencing what is in all of our wine glasses.

Lest you think Karen is a wine snob, just check out her recent Instagram post, where Karen’s answer to the question about holding a wine glass by the stem or bowl was refreshingly unexpected!

So grab a glass and settle in for a fascinating chat with Karen!

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Karen’s glassware line is Flavor First.

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