Napa Valley’s Best Wine Tasting Experience! Gentleman Farmer Wines – Joey Wolosz and Jeff Durham, Ep 75

We love a winery with a manifesto, especially when one of the statements is “We are for wine with lunch on Mondays. To open the good stuff for no reason is the reason.”

It just makes life more fun right? You’ve never met vintners like Joey Wolosz and Jeff Durham of Napa’s Gentleman Farmer Wines. This dynamic duo blows us away with their talent and all the things they do besides making wine. Joey is a fantastic chef, is working on a cookbook, plays the accordian, writes a monthly newsletter and publishes a quarterly magazine. Jeff is an avid farmer, plays the clarinet and provides comic relief. All this in addition to making amazing wine with one of our favorite winemakers, Jérôme Chéry!

This doesn’t even include their epic wine tastings, which are sit down full lunch affairs, all created from scratch by Joey. What’s more, when you make an appointment to taste Gentleman Farmer Wines, you’ll be sipping and breaking bread with Jeff and Joey, while nibbling on Joey’s homemade dishes, crafted that morning.

Mary O met Joey and Jeff when they were in Palm Springs for the first ever Equality Wine Fest in June 2022. We’re thrilled to introduce you to these gentleman farmers, share their story and give you the inside scoop on their soon to open The Bungalow by Gentleman Farmer, A Studio for Gustatory Well-Being in downtown Napa.

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Wines tasted in this episode:

2021 Napa Valley Rosé – Pinot Noir, Merlot Pinot Meunier

2020 or 2021 ????? Napa Valley Chardonnay

2019 Napa Valley Red Wine, Napa Valley – Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon