Wine Words Matter – Meg Maker and A New Language for Wine – Ep. 81

Is there a better way to talk about wine?

Does wine speak make your eyes roll or glaze over? One of the most intimidating things about wine isn’t about what’s in your glass – it’s the words used to describe it. Do tasting notes that allude to a pasture in Southern France, stewed plums or brown spices (whatever those are!) turn you off from wine?

You’re not alone. The way we talk about and communicate sets wine apart from other alcoholic beverages. Maybe this is why younger consumers aren’t big wine fans. Wine words matter. That’s why today’s guest, wine journalist, educator and ⁠Terroir⁠ founder Meg Maker says it’s time for the languages of wine to change – and we the Marys, agree!

Meg has been researching the lexicon – or language – of wine and shares some fascinating discoveries and perspectives. Lately she’s been speaking and writing about a new approach to talking about wine. The goal – use words that are more welcoming, approachable and relatable, whether you’re a wine pro or just love wine.

Meg recently posted this article on, “Checking in on The New Languages of Wine.”

After you listen to the pod, be sure to watch this short video Meg put together, it’s an excellent and brief explanation of her take on the changing languages of wine.