Throwing Punches at the Traditional Wine World – Wine Culture with Miguel de Leon, Ep. 86

When you look at a restaurant’s wine list, what do you see? Do you see equity, cultural and biodiversity, representation, affordability, fun?

Our guest today believes all of that should be front and center on a wine list. Miguel de Leon has made a career and a celebrated name for himself as a wine professional of color in New York City, where he is currently the wine director at Pinch Chinese in Manhattan.

When he’s not running the wine program at Pinch, he’s writing thought-provoking articles for the online magazine Punch that aren’t afraid to throw a punch at the status quo of the wine world. He’s brave and outspoken and just what the mostly white wine world needs today.

Today, we’ll explore where the wine industry and wine culture stands now in terms of progress, or lack thereof, on diversity, accessibility, equality and inclusiveness.

Miguel de Leon, sommelier and writer at Pinch Chinese in SoHo. (Clay Williams Photo)

Miguel has stirred up controversy with his writings for Punch, including “It’s Time to Decolonize Wine,” and “So Long to the Somm.” Miguel has a point and is an important voice in what could be an inflection point in how we approach, talk and communicate about wine.

Is it time for wine speak to die? Are somms fading away? You don’t want to miss our lively discussion¬†with Miguel.

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Pinch Chinese, 177 Prince Street, New York, NY; 212-328-7880