Laura Catena – Catena Zapata World’s Best Vineyard, Malbec, WHO and More! Ep. 83

On the podcast today, a wine friend so busy we can’t believe she’s made time to visit us again. And she’s speaking to us from Mendoza, Argentina.

Dr. Laura Catena is the managing director of one of the best known names in wine – Catena Zapata. Catena is admired around the world not only for incredible wines her family produces, but also for their stewardship of the land and efforts to make wine production more ecologically sustainable, as well as her tireless work to champion and preserve old vines and genetic diversity in wine. Laura also has something to say about the World Health Organization’s position on alcohol consumption.

Laura is a fourth generation Argentine vintner whose whose Mendoza winery Catena Zapata was recently named the world’s best vineyard to visit.

It is such a pleasure to welcome Laura back to the podcast today – she was last on our pod in October 2020 – to talk about Malbec, the future of healthy wine consumption and what wineries can do to take care of people and the planet.

So pour a glass of Malbec and welcome Laura back to Sip Sip Hooray!

Click here to plan a visit to Catena Zapata, take part in one of the many experiences offered and dine at the new restaurant Angélica Cocina Maestra.

In 2021, Laura wrote Malbec Mon Amour along with the Catena Zapata winemaker Alejandra Vigil. It’s a fun, colorful and engaging story about Malbec’s roots and its current home in Argentina.

Wines tasted for this episode

• Catena 2022 Rosé de la Provincia de Mendoza

• Catena 2022 Rosé de Malbec Clarete Style (Clarete is a traditional refreshing Italian dark pink wine).

• Catena 2021 Appellation Vista Flores Malbec. This is the new lighter weight wine bottle.

• Catena Zapata Malbec Argentino. Watch this video animation of the label’s story.