Party in a Can – Ep. 13

Are you on the hard seltzer bandwagon yet? White Claw, Truly, Bon & Viv, Smirnoff, Henry’s, Pura, boozy bucha and tipsy teas are all vying for your tastebuds. More and more grocery stores and adult beverage retailers are giving canned booze a growing portion of shelf space — that is if they can keep these spiked sparkling drinks in stock. White Claw flies off the shelf, leaving fans wanting, staring forlornly at empty shelves.

Now you see White Claw…
…Now you don’t.
More empty White Claw shelves.

Wondering if these libations are worth your cold hard cash? And what’s really in them? In this episode the Marys pop the top on a wide range of sparkling bevvies. We give you our honest take or take down of the hottest, trendiest brands in the drinks biz. We also talk to real folks for their take on spiked spritzes.

Boozy buchas