A Wine Lineage: Steven Kent Mirassou, Ep. 35

Courtesy of Steven Kent Mirassou

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What does lineage mean when it comes to wine? For our guest today lineage means everything. Steven Kent Mirassou’s family is America’s oldest winemaking family – older than the Mondavi’s, the Sebastianis and the Gallos. He’s now working side-by-side with the seventh generation. If you are a Pinot Noir lover, you can thank Mirassou’s ancestors for bringing the some of the first pinot vine cuttings to California.

In his first full, sit down interview, sixth generation vintner Steven Kent Mirassou gives us the inside scoop on his deeply personal book Lineage: Life and Love and Six Generations in California Wine.

A wine book with racy language? Here’s some examples of the colorful prose you’ll find:

Courtesy of Steven Kent Mirassou

“This endeavor is not just a labor of passion and love; it is also a labor of pissed-offed-ness, of pride, of envelope-pushing.”

On his role as a winemkaker: “…to have a curator, like me, to help along on the journey from the most comfortable and familiar to that which blows off the socks and drops the panties.”

Steven Kent Mirassou, Lineage

Join us, the Marys, as we introduce you to Steven and his stories. Lineage is a page turner – and definitely not your typical wine book. It is a love letter to wine and highly personal, with emotional highs and lows.

The Steven Kent Winery, home to Lineage Wine Company, L’Autre Côte and Mia Nipote

5443 Tesla Road

Livermore Valley, CA

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