Crushed by Brian Freedman: Wine and Climate Change – Ep. 53

Climate change is on eveyone’s mind, especially when it comes to the world’s grape growers and winemakers. Wildfires, drought, water scarcity, hail, floods, extreme weather, oh my! While there’s much reason for concern, our guest today says there is hope. It is not all gloom and doom, but we must be mindful.

Let’s be clear, climate change is happeing now.

The Marys welcome Brian Freedman, author of Crushed: How a Changing Climate is Altering the Way We Drink. In his new book, Brian profiles wine growers and winemakers in eight global regions facing climate adversity – but are adapting with innovative solutions. But the bubbly you loved from Champagne is now rivialed by Southern English sparklers.

Brian reminds us that grapes and wine are not the only agricultural alcohol based beverages dealing with these issues. He also explores grain-based spirits and how distillers and farmers are adapting.

Find Crushed at your favorite book retailer. It’s a great holiday gift for spirited drinkers!

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